Research Team
Matthias Mueller
Project Coordinator
Project Development
Martin Suter Blashaus
Instrument Technician
German Toro Perez
Project Coordinator
Director ICST
Isaï Angst
Software Development
Sebastien Schiesser
Technical Development
David Jud
Bass Clarinet
2002 Idea
2008 Preperation of the research project with the ICST
2010-12 Research project of Swiss National Science Foundation
October 2011 Prototype 1
January 2012 First Performances
October 2012 Prototype 2
January 2013 Premier of Dawn for SABRe and orchestra of Martin Schlumpf with Brussels Philharmonic in Gent
October 2013 Prototype 3
April 2014 Concert with pieces of Katharina Rosenberger , Marko Ciciliani, Hans Tutschku, Alex Buess, Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi

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