In 23 Teilen for string quartet

Instrumental songs (2013)
for clarinets (A-/B-/Bass) and voice

En vitesse lente (2013)
for flute solo

Un petit Klezmertango (2012)
for soloclarinet and windorchestra

Memories (2012)
for Alto-Flute/Bassettclarinet/Alto-Saxophone and piano

In 23 Teilen (2010/11)
for String Quartet

Vier Elemente (2009)
for violin solo

Tnafele von Akirfa (2008)
for alto and trumpet

Concerto for Clarinet and Strings (2007/8)

Tierlieder (2007)
for children’s and youth choir, and 5 instrumentalists after texts from Max Huwyler

6 Etudes de Concert (2006-2008)
for clarinet solo

Ikarus (2006-2007)
for flutes, clarinets, accordion, percussion and electronics

Rhapsodie (2006)
for flute and piano

Meta(maur)phose (2005)
for flute, bass clarinet and string trio

Tutti 1 (2006)
Instrumentation ad libitum

Rabla (2006)
piano four hands

Adino (2005)
for alto flute, e-flat clarinet and bassoon

Lieta (2005)
for woodwind sextet (Fl./Oboe/Clar./Bass Clar./Bsn./Horn)

Le coeur de la matière (2004-2005)
for flutes, clarinet/bass clarinet, horn, violin, violoncello, piano and percussion Music in 21 Parts after Teilhard de Chardin

Zenix (2004)
for bass clarinet and percussion

Tarynx (2004)
for accordion solo

Baxo, Rixi (2004)
for e-flat clarinet and bassoon or e-flat clarinet and accordion

Tarantango (2003)
for cello and piano

Bassalp (2003)
for 4 bass clarinets, 4 alp horns und 4 contrabasses

Marriage (2003)
for flute and bass clarinet

Pentra (2003)
for clarinet/bass clarinet and piano

Peisinoe (2003)
for piano solo

Schatnit (2003)
for bass flute solo

„Seelenmeer“ oder „Der Fischer und seine Seele“ (2001-2003)
Music Theatre after Oscar Wilde for narrator, flutes and piano (commissioned by Bouquet des Arts)

Schischka (2002)
for clarinet and accordion

Xela (2002)
for clarinet, horn and bassoon

Shaba (2001)
for piano solo

Hexa (2001)
for piccolo solo

Dexa (2001)
for flute and piano

Zako (2001)
for flute, oboe and bass clarinet

UNYX (2000)
for flute and bass clarinet

Piece 1 (2000)
for bass clarinet solo

FRAGemoMENT (2000)
electronic music to poems from Sabina Naef

Elektronische Musik zu montage visionaire
(technolog, funkyberg, marter, MW, klarolog, tremolo) (1999-2000)

segeLion (1999)
for bass clarinet and band

ZeitVerkehrT (1999)
music texture for flutes, trombone, bass, percussion and band

Der Zauberturm (1998)
a musical “Sprachtheater” for children between the ages of 4 and 5 (commissioned by Espace Musical Creatif et Pedagogique, Genf)

Atacama (1998)
for flutes, clarinets and harp

FlötenFragenFlug (1997)
for flute and band

M (1996)
for bass clarinet and tape

Syrinx und Faun (1995)
music theatre for dancer, performing bass clarinettist and flute

Approche (1994)

Verena (1994)
for flute and bass clarinet after poems by Silja Walter and pictures from Maria Hafner

Fractal (1994)
for flute, bass clarinet, violin and violoncello